Back in Session

Riverside Academy students are back in class more than a month after Hurricane Ida rocked the area.


The 1st – 12th graders returned Oct. 7.

MaKai Mitchell

Students have returned to Riverside Academy more than a month after Hurricane Ida damaged parts of the school in Reserve. First through 12th grade students returned Oct. 7.  Pre-K and kindergarten students returned Oct. 11.

Due to the storm, which caused much damage throughout the area, students had to remain home for more than a month. With the school closed, teachers gave remote assignments to continue education.  For some students Ida, was a traumatic experience as they faced whether to stay  home or relocate. Some students lost homes and had to transfer to new schools. 

Hurricane Ida caused many traumas t0 students, from losing all or parts of their homes to relocating several times, to losing power for many weeks. Several teachers also lost homes.  But everyone seemed glad to be back for the learning and excited to see each other.