RA uniform policy to be enforced when students return


Kevin Gray, Contributor

After Hurricane Ida ravaged so much of the River Parishes in August, Riverside Academy administrators relaxed its school uniform policy for the fall semester. But when students go back to school in January, they have to go back to the original rules.

Beginning Jan. 3, the school uniform policy as written in the Student Handbook will be strictly enforced. Students must wear official Riverside collared shirts, which must be properly tucked in. Boys must wear specific khaki pants with the Riverside log embroidered on the back. Girls must wear official school skirts, which must be worn at the waist and to the knee. Only Riverside Academy jackets may be worn, except on Fridays when students may wear team jackets. Letter jackets may be worn at any time. Shoes must be solid black, socks must be black or white only, and black, brown or canvas belts must be worn with pants. ID badges with a Riverside lanyard must be worn around the neck at all times. 

Shirts and jackets may be purchased from the Riverside Academy Bookstore. Acceptable uniform pants may be purchased at School Time in Baton Rouge.  There is a selection of  donated uniforms available in the front office.