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Three veteran educators chosen as Teachers of the Year


Lori Lyons

2021-22 Teachers of the Year are, from left, Elementary, Darnell Landry; Middle School, Angelle DeLaneuville; High School, Sonya Mazzella

Sophia Mason, Contributor

By Sophia Mason

Riverside Academy has chosen three veteran teachers as its Teachers of the Year for 2022. They are: Elementary, Darnell Landry; Middle school, Angelle DeLaneuville; High school, Sonya Mazzella.

Mrs. DeLaneuville is a middle school math teacher. She has taught for 27 years in 4th to 12th. This is her first time being nominated for the award at Riverside Academy, but she had previously received awards such as the River Parish Teacher of the Year award, Distinguished Graduate from St. Joan of Arc, and Outstanding Educator from Cabrini High School. Mrs. DeLaneuville states, “This award means a lot to me because it came from my co-workers. Oftentimes as teachers, we don’t really get a chance to recognize the great jobs that other teachers are doing because we’re too busy in our classroom to really know what goes on outside of it. The fact that I was chosen by my fellow teachers shows that they see my hard work and dedication to my students and Riverside Academy. I’m very proud to be a part of this school and honored and humbled to be the Middle School Teacher of the Year.” 

Mrs. Mazzella teaches English IV, English II and Comm 211 DE. She has been teaching for 24 years with 15 of those at RA. Mrs. Mazzella stated: “It was a humbling experience, especially knowing my fellow teachers participated in the nomination. I can’t say how much I appreciate the recognition and will do my best to continue to improve and discover new ways of teaching and prove that I am truly deserving of it. I will continue to meet the needs of all my students, and hopefully, along the way get them to not only learn in my class but also enjoy it.” Mrs. Mazzella has received the Teacher of the Year award twice at a previous school named Crescent City Baptist High School. This award is her second time being nominated at RA.

Mrs. Landry has been teaching second grade at RA for nearly 42 years. This is her first time being selected as Teacher of the Year.

“I was very overwhelmed to receive this award” Mrs. Landry said. “It couldn’t have happened on a better day.  My first grandchild was born on the very same day, so I was very emotional when I was told.”