A YouTuber You Know

RA Senior creates creative YouTube videos


Lauri Guidry

Senior Emile Graugnard III creates Youtube videos.

Kallie Bourgeois, Editor

Riverside Academy has a real YouTube star in its midst. Sort of.

Senior Emile Graugnard III has his own YouTube channel and has been creating content since 2018.  Poodawg3 has nearly 2,000 subscribers with more than 500,000 views. 

Graugnard started uploading videos to his channel five years ago and has made a combination of different types of content. On his channel, he tries to include his school and YouTuber friends in a series of videos, called the PCU (Poodawg Cinematic Universe). Graugnard also posts shorts on TikTok and updates to his Instagram. He also has a merch site where you can buy t-shirts and hoodies to support his channel.

“I started my channel because I love filming videos, and my motivation is that one day I may be able to accomplish my dream of becoming a director,” Graugnard said.

The most notable point of his channel was when he gained views from three of his Five Nights at Freddy’s Meme Compilations. His favorite video’s end result was “The DARK LORE of the POODAWG3 Plush Videos! | (FYC:15 – Poodawg2…probably?),” and his favorite video was “The Poodawg3 Movie.”

“My movie is about a group of Youtubers who investigate the mysteries of their town after the death of their close friend,” Graugnard explained.

One series Graugnard has is called “Fix Your Channel.” where he reacts to other YouTubers’ videos and fixes their channels. Another series he has is a collection of short films telling a story of a YouTuber who was terrorized by his best friend, who wields a magic Apple Pen that has the ability to clone any object.

Ever since Graugnard was younger, he enjoyed making short films with his stuffed animals only for himself. The unique name of Poodawg3 came from his dad.

“My dad has called me that since I was little,” Graugnard  said. “If I’m being honest, I may change it from Poodawg3 to just P3. I just think about it as one word, but I can understand how people hearing it will find it gross or immature.”

Sometimes at school people have come up to him and referred to him as Poodawg3 and told him what their thoughts were on his previous videos.

“One time a student actually asked me for my autograph,” Graugnard said.

Graugnard says he doesn’t plan on stopping YouTube anytime soon and will continue to make videos in college either as a hobby or a full time job. Graugnard wants to be a film major in college and wants to  continue to grow his channel.

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