Ramblin’ Rebels Podcast No. 5:

Camryn Loving, left, and Jordan Loving are this weeks featured guests on the Ramblin Rebels podcast.

Camryn Loving, left, and Jordan Loving are this week’s featured guests on the Ramblin’ Rebels podcast.

Lee Meyers, Podcast coordinator

Ramblin’ Rebels hosts Lee Meyers and Noah Trepagnier talk to siblings Camryn Loving, the volleyball, softball and swimming sensation at Riverside, and her brother Jordan Loving, a former Mr. Rebel, who returned to his alma mater this year as a teacher and coach. They are the children of IBCA teacher Mrs. Tara Loving. That’s got to be weird, right? They talk about their sports, their sibling relationship, what it’s like seeing each other in the halls, and what’s up with the new Chili Mac? (And don’t mind that fire drill right in the middle. Everything was fine.)