Riverside Goes Pro

RA teachers enjoying new Promethean Boards


Lori Lyons

Spanish teacherLisbeth Jackson is enjoying her new Promethean Board.

Jessie Weiler, Elementary Editor

You get a board! You get a board! Everyone is getting a board at Riverside Academy!

All high school and middle school teachers at Riverside Academy received sparkling new Promethean Boards this week thanks to a grant from the Louisiana Department of Education. The elementary teachers have had their boards for many years, but upper level teachers are just now receiving this interactive teaching tool. Workmen installed the boards into the classrooms this week and teachers were anxious to use them, although some had to get lessons from their students to use the new technology. 

 “The kids are actually teaching me how to use it,” Jackson said. “But I absolutely love it.” 

The boards were funded by an EANS grant, which will allow RA to purchase other items such as new iPads and additional curriculum and professional development resources. 

Riverside Academy principal Holly Haase said she hopes teachers use the boards to increase student engagement. 

 “The teachers can use the boards for students to participate in activities that are more hands-on and interactive,” Haase said. “Teachers will be provided professional development to learn ways to create interactive lessons.”