Seniors’ Choice

Senior Class Favorites revealed at Prom


Kallie Bourgeois, Editor

The Riverside Academy seniors and juniors had a night to remember at prom on Saturday, March 18 at the Dream Events – Victorious Life Family Worship Center, located at 8896 Richmond Drive in LaPlace. This year’s theme was “Fly Me to the Moon.”

In the weeks leading up to the big dance, the senior class voted on its Class Favorites. The following seniors were recognized for their unique qualities:

Prettiest Hair — Ria Frazier and Thomas Mazzella IV

Prettiest Smile — Sydney Knoy and Enrique Delgado

Most Academic — Camryn Loving and Jeremy Jung

Prettiest Eyes — MaKayah LaRose and Thomas Mazzella

Biggest Flirt — Ariana Matt and Cade Middleton

Class Clowns — Ria Frazier and Emile Graugnard III

Best Personality — Ava Fernandez and Emile Graugnard III

Most Athletic — Camryn Loving and Luke Hymel

Most School Spirit — Myracle Revon and Dane DeLaneuville

Most Likely To Succeed — Hannah McInnis and Emile Graugnard III

Best Dressed — Kaylee Oubre and Cleveland Johnson

Prom King — Emile Graugnard III

Prom Queen — Alainah Felton