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Construction themed pep rally celebrates end of Ida repairs


Rafael Villarreal Jr., Editor

Since the day Riverside Academy students returned to school after Hurricane Ida, the halls were filled with both children and construction workers as both the learning process and the rebuilding process  continued.  As the repair work was completed, school officials came up with an imaginative way to to celebrate.

Students, faculty and staff were encouraged to dress up as construction workers, complete with reflective vests, hard hats, and boots, for Friday’s pep rally to support the football team’s contest against St. Thomas Aquinas. And students understood the assignment. From kindergarten through 12th grade, students turned in brightly colored vests, shirts, pants and hats. A few even brought their own traffic cones.

With Coach Glenn “Bear” Melville as the M.C., students participated in cheers and a scavenger hunt. The band, cheerleaders and dance team performed.