Take A Letter

Rebels athletes receive letter jackets

The traditional red letter R for Riverside is on the athletes letter jackets.

The traditional red letter “R” for Riverside is on the athletes’ letter jackets.

Bailey Epperly, Contributor

Riverside Academy athletes and band members received their coveted letter jackets during a ceremony held Friday, Nov. 19 in the school cafeteria. The red jackets with blue letters are for athletes and the blue jackets with red letters are for band, cheerleaders and dance team members.  And Mother Nature came through with a cold front to provide the perfect weather for them to be worn.

Those receiving jackets were: Kelvinte “K.T.” Barber, football, basketball, track; Joshua Beadle, band; Courtney Bordelon, swimming; Maci Bordelon, soccer; Sophia Cruz, soccer, cheerleading; Aimee Duhe, dance team; Bailey Epperly, volleyball manager; Cameron Galvez, soccer; Kelis Hollins, cheerleading; Daniel Juneau, band; Jackson Kelly, baseball, swimming, soccer; Christy Louque, dance team; Ariana Matt, dance team; Brennan Maus, baseball; Dayven Nicholas, band; Kaylee Oubre, dance team; Amber Palermo, swimming; Addi Remondet, cheerleading; Avri Remondet, cheerleading; Myracle Revon, basketball, volleyball, track; Melanie Roussel, band; Mia Saijas, soccer, track; Trinity Zeringue, color guard.

From left, Ariana Matt, Myracle Revon, Brennan Maus, Melanie Roussel and Aimee Duhe show off their new letter jackets.