Rebel Royalty

Who Will be Queen?


The 2022 Homecoming Court

Kallie Bourgeois, Editor

The 2022 Riverside Academy Homecoming Court has been announced.

The nine senior football players and their maids of choice make up the court this year. One of the nine maids will win the title of Homecoming Queen. The queen will be selected by vote of high school students by the end of this week.

The senior football players and maids this year are: Elijah “Bill” Davis and Madison Oubre; Emmanuel “Manny” Franklin and Ria Frazier; Charles Floyd and Kelis Hollins; Terrell Hillard and Hailey Millet; Luke Hymel and Ariana Matt; Thomas Mazzella and Camryn Loving; Cade Middleton and Sydney Knoy; Alex Ross and Anna Mistretta; Scott White and Kaylee Oubre.

The crowning of Homecoming Queen and alumni night will take place on Friday, Sept. 23 at half time during the Homecoming football game against Houma Christian.