Flour Children

Flour sack babies teach adult responsibility


Mason Meyer, Contributor

Once again, Ms. Kerri Roussel’s Adult Responsibility class got to experience “parenthood” for a week. The students dressed, swaddled and carried sacks of flour to demonstrate how they might take care of actual infants — and to see if they were paying attention in class.

This project is not as simple as it seems as it demonstrates to kids what it is like to have a child and how much time and work it takes. The babies must accompany their parent to and from school,  while being fed, changed and watched. Sometimes babies wake up late at night as well. Even at school, students have to bring their babies everywhere and take care of them at all times. Students and teachers were allowed to organize an in-class “daycare.”

Ms. Roussel has students and teachers who spy and report if babies are mishandled or left alone.