Class of 2021 pulls off traditional Senior Prank



Members of the Class of 2021 “redecorated” the halls and classrooms at RA Thursday night in the annual Senior Prank for Homecoming Week.

Mason Meyer, Editor

Oops, they did it again. The Class of 2021 kept up a longtime tradition by “redecorating” the halls and many teachers’ classrooms on the final night before the big game. A rowdy (but respectful) group of senior students were let into the building (under the supervision of acting principal Marty Luquet) to do their worst — and they did.

Friday morning, students entered the front doors to find much of the recently horded toilet paper on the floors, along with plastic cutlery and paper plates, wrapping paper and balloons. There was a kayak in the front hall and a portable basketball goal in the back hall. Most of the classrooms were “rearranged,” but Mr. Deroche found his room had acquired a new sofa and a random door to nowhere. Ms. Jackson, the Spanish teacher, was gifted a new pinata and Ms. Villere, the motorcyclist, found a somewhat old bicycle in her room.

It was all in good fun and before the end of the first classes of the day, everything had been cleaned up and put back in place.