New Faces Bring Rebels to New Places

Coach Lee Roussel Sets Staff for First Season


Head football coach Lee Roussel

Noah Trepagnier, Sports editor

Riverside Academy has gone through many changes over this past year, including almost a whole new football coaching staff. 

Coach Lee Roussel is the new head football coach for Riverside Academy. He brought along with him Coach Pierce Bonck, who will be the offensive line coach for the Rebels. Also coming on to the new staff is Coach John White, who will be coaching the tight ends, Coach White also is the new basketball coach at Riverside. 

Riverside alum Darrion Cook is going to be the wide receivers coach for the Rebels and also an assistant on the basketball staff. Another alum is Coach Jordan Loving, who was a standout quarterback for the Rebels from 2014 to 2018. He will be the quarterbacks coach this season. 

Coach Chris Lachney, a former head coach for the Rebels in 2017, will now be coordinating the defense and will be the strength and conditioning coach. Coming back from last year’s staff will be Coach Craig Laborde ,who will be helping with the defense. A brand new face for the Rebels is Chris Martin, who will be coaching the defensive line. Former Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson will be helping out the defensive backs for the Rebels.

The Rebels will scrimmage Ellender Memorial Friday at 6 p.m. at South Terrebonne High School. The team will play St. John in the Hannan Jamboree on Aug. 26. The season opener will be Sept. 2 at home against St. Thomas Aquinas.