The Greatest Show

Riverside Pep Rally Brought the Circus to Town


Jessie Weiler

Preston Adams was the strongest man at Riverside on Friday.

Kallie Bourgeois, Editor

Riverside Academy students and faculty showed their wild sides on Friday, dressing up circus-style for the afternoon pep rally  to get pumped up for the big district showdown against St. Martin’s.

With the theme “Greatest Show on Turf,” Rebels shed their uniforms to dress as clowns, lions, tigers, cows (?), mimes and a few ring masters. There were a couple of competing strong men as well. There was even a barrel of monkeys.

At the pep rally, coach Pierce Bonck was the ultimate Ring Master, leading the crowd through cheers, a rolling table game and musical chairs.  The Marching Pride of Riverside performed, as well as the Color Guard, the Southern Sweethearts and the cheerleaders.

Check out the gallery of photos to see some of the fun.