RA Student loses teeth during hurricane

Skylar Edwards lost teeth but gained wisdom during storm break

Skylar Edwards recovers from the loss of his wisdom teeth during Hurricane Ida.

Chanda Edwards

Skylar Edwards recovers from the loss of his wisdom teeth during Hurricane Ida.

Skylar Edwards, Contributor

Riverside Academy senior Skylar Edwards lost four teeth during Hurricane Ida.  How? His evil mother made him have his wisdom teeth removed while there was no electricity, nowhere to fill the prescription for the pain medicine, and the only place to get ice for the swelling was at a drive through church.

The teeth were not causing the student any pain, but his mom was making him get them removed during fall break. Once the storm hit land and she realized the fall break probably wouldn’t happen, she brought her son into the dentist’s office in person because their phones were not working. This should have been a sign to her that now was not a good time, but she didn’t take the hint.

There was nothing he could do now. All four of the teeth were gone. He couldn’t talk. He also couldn’t eat for eight days. He was forced to miss his first swim meet of the season because, after losing 12 pounds, he didn’t have the energy to make it across the pool. Finally, on day nine, he felt a little better.

“Mom,” Edwards said. “Can you please get me some noodles from Kobe?”

She left right away to get him the noodles. When she brought them home he was so excited to finally be able to eat. Well, that didn’t happen. He still could not chew the noodles. Two days later he was finally able to eat a solid meal that included the meat off of a roast beef po-boy.

Edwards said to his mother, “I will never do this again.” 

Lucky for him, those four teeth will never grow back.

Editor’s note: Skylar Edwards is a senior journalism student at Riverside. He has fully recovered from his experience.