Opinion: School Dance Traditions are Outdated

Anaiah Harvey, Contributor

Every time school dances roll around everyone scrambles to find a date. But why does anyone need a date to go to a dance and have fun? I personally don’t get it, since bringing a date to a function can be frustrating. Both parties have to agree on the color scheme, where they want to eat, if they want to eat, when they are going to meet, whose house will they take pictures at, and who is going to give a ride to who to get to the dance?  Last year, I was forced to go to homecoming with a guy because my mother didn’t want me to go alone. I became stressed due to the fact that I wanted to go to homecoming, but no one had asked me yet. The next day, as I was complaining to my friends about not having a date, a guy came up to me after hearing about my troubles and asked me to the dance.

The stress still nearly killed my mother and me due to the fact that she waiting until the day of the dance to do my hair. It took from dawn to almost dusk to finish and get it just right. Then I only had an hour to get ready, which seems like a lot of time but, trust me, it is not. My date showed up, we took pictures and talked while both of our parents looked at us with a watchful eye. When we finally made it to the dance, he had forgotten his ticket and his mother had to come back and give it to him. We headed on inside, took more pictures, then the party really got started. I ended up dancing the night away with my friends and I had so much fun. I barely danced with the person I went with strictly because I was not comfortable with him. It is better to go by yourself because you can take your time getting ready, not have to worry about where you will eat, what color dress to get in order to match, whose parents are giving a ride home, and it saves the overall anxiety of having to meet someone else’s parents.

Well, who knows. Maybe my mom will find me a guy for my next dance and I can repeat this stressful cycle again.