Senior transfer student embraces RA tradition


Alyssa Haase shows off her newly painted parking space.

Kallie Bourgeois, Contributor

On a hot October day, more than two months after school officially began, Alyssa Haase showed her RA pride by spending an afternoon sitting on the blazing asphalt of the Riverside Academy parking lot to put the final touches on her parking spot. 

Haase attended Lutcher High School before transferring to Riverside after her mom, Mrs. Holly Haase took over as principal. Even though she missed the opportunity to paint her parking spot during the summer with the other seniors, she still wanted to participate in the fun even if it was late.

“I wanted to participate in painting because it’s a great tradition that everyone should do,” Haase said. After contemplating what to paint, Haase decided to recreate a painting she did of Minecraft bees and flowers in her parking spot as that was the last thing she had painted lately. Haase said she frequently draws and paints in her free time for fun. After a few days of painting in the heat with her dad, brother, and a friend, it was finally done. 

Even though she has had to adapt to a new block schedule and a chaotic first day, Haase said she is enjoying her new school. “The pep rallies and traditions at Riverside are definitely a lot more exciting than at my old school,” she said.