Riverside Academy’s K-Club Is For Life


Members of the 2022 K-Club are, back row, Andrew Jung and Haeden Wahden. Middle row, Jaycee Bennett, Emily Weidert, Alysa Epperly, Haley Millet and Karleigh Orgeron. Front, Mason Forsythe.

Lori Lyons, Rebel Express Advisor

There is an exclusive club at Riverside Academy that no one can join. It’s open to everyone, but only a few are actually in it.

It’s the K-Club and it’s only for seniors who have attended Riverside Academy every year since kindergarten. — all 12, or more. The Class of 2022 had only eight K-Club members out of 27 graduates They are Andrew Jung, Haeden Wahden, Jaycee Bennett, Emily Weidert, Alysa Epperly, Haley Millet, Karleigh Orgeron, and Mason Forsythe. All attended kindergarten at RA and never left. Alysa and Andrew, whose moms are RA teachers, first came to the school when they were just 2 years old.

During senior week, the final week of classes for the seniors, one of the dress up days was “Dress Like a Kindergartener.” On that day, all eight K-Club members wore their red, white and blue stars t-shirts. Several of them also walked across the pavement to visit the elementary building and their former teachers.

“It’s crazy,” said Alysa. “I’ve been here for 15 years.”