Painted Parking

RA Seniors Continue Tradition of Painting Parking Spots


Senior Ariana Matt shows off her unique parking space.

Jessie Weiler, Contributor

Over the summer, the parking lot at Riverside Academy got a makeover. Not only were the spots restriped, but the seniors did a little decorating of their own. 

Riverside Academy is the only school within the River Parishes that allows its senior class to decorate their designated parking spots. It’s a pretty new tradition that everyone seems to enjoy. Seniors were allowed to pick their spots over the summer, mark them, and then spend their hot summer days painting them in various ways. Some are simple. Some are elaborate paintings. There’s a Monopoly square, the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, and lots of colors, shapes and names.

As for the creative process, students were allowed to paint their spots as creatively as they wanted over the summer. While some chose to come with friends to do the work, others chose to paint alone. There were some difficulties throughout this process with all the rain that fell in July. Many spots got ruined and seniors had to stop or restart their creative process. There were also many incidents where people ran over the spots, which  again restarted the process. 

Parking spots were originally supposed to be finished Wednesday, August 4, but because of the difficulties seniors were given until Tuesday, August 9 to finish their spots.