Making It Work

RA Students Get to Work After School


Lee Myers works at Dunkin’ Donuts. He is one of several RA students who have after school jobs.

Mason Meyer, Web Editor

Kallie Bourgeois, a senior, works at ZipNOLA, where you can zipline over alligators and snakes to the highest peaks of the swamps of Louisiana to take in the breathtaking scenery.

Bourgeois began working at ZipNOLA at the start of the summer after applying for positions at places like Dunkin Donuts and Raising Cane’s. While she already had an interview set up with Raising Cane’s, she received a call from ZipNOLA.

“It sounded fun,” said Bourgeois. “It just seemed like the better option.”

Bourgeois said the coolest thing about her job is meeting all the tourists. She recently met a man from Scotland. She also enjoys hanging out with the gators, Queen and Richard but Darth Gator recently had to move.

Lee Myers has worked at Dunkin Donuts for nearly a year. His main job is to “everything,” besides making donuts. He said he likes it because he works with cool people, but sometimes complaints can be a pain.

Sophomore Kennedy Hughes has her own side gig. Besides working for the football team as a trainer, Hughes is a hairstylist, mainly doing braids.  She said she is self-taught, but can do various styles such as knotless braids and butterfly locs. You can check out her work on her Instagram page HairbyKkennn.

Camryn Loving worked at one of those Black and Gold Nutrition over the summer, Chance Montelius works at Winn Dixie in Gramercy and MaKayah LaRose is a lifeguard at Larayo. Then there are the many who have worked at Guidry’s Snowball Stand in Reserve over the years.

Some do it for fun, others for the money but all are gaining valuable life experience.

“It gives me something productive to do,” Bourgeois said. “And something that I enjoy.”


RA Senior Kallie Bourgeois works at ZipNOLA.