The 52-Man Club

Mr. Rebel Winners Answer Call To Return Home


The former winners of the Henry Donaldson Memorial Mr. Rebel Award gathered on Oct. 7.

Lori Lyons, Rebel Express Advisor

Every year the Riverside Academy coaching staff selects one football player above all others to receive the Henry Donaldson Memorial Award — also known as Mr. Rebel. Since 1970, there have been a total of 52 men selected to receive that title. He’s not just the best football player on the team, but also a student leader on and off the field. Some have gone on to college football careers, most have gone on to raise children, have grandchildren. On Oct. 7 all 52 former winners were invited to return to the school to be recognized, remembered and to help cheer on the Rebels against St. Martin’s.  About 30 of them answered the call. Sadly, there was one truly missing. Terry Vitrano, Mr. Rebel 1973, passed away on Sept. 29 and was laid to rest the morning of the event.