Terrific Teachers

Senior athletes honor teachers at Pep Rally


Senior athletes, band and auxiliary members selected a teacher who has made a mark on their lives.

Mason Meyer, Contributor

On Friday, October 24th, a brand-new tradition in Riverside history was launched at the weekly pep rally for the football game. Each senior athlete, band member and auxiliary member was asked by principal Holly Haase to select one teacher who had made a difference in their life and education. Only a select few of Riverside’s many teachers were chosen. Each was completely surprised.

The teachers that were selected were:

Coy Boe by Emile Graugnard lll and Jeremy Jung; 

Coach Pierce Bonck by Manny Franklin and Scott White; 

Daryl Clement by Thomas Mazzella, Mason Meyer, and Darryla Fleming; 

Andy DiMaggio by Charles Floyd. 

Lizbeth Jackson by Cade Middleton and Alex Ross;Tara Loving by Anna Mistretta and Ariana Matt;

Chris Lachney by Myracle Revon;

Craig  Laborde by MaKayah LaRose.

Tara Loving by Anna Mistretta and Ariana Matt;

Lori Lyons by Kallie Bourgeois;

Sonya Mazzella by Camryn Loving, Madison Olizene, Terrell Hillard, and Luke Hymel;

Sydney Perrett by Kelis Hollins:

Jenna Roussel by Ria Frazier;

Lee Roussel by Elijah “Bill” Davis;

Shannon Tregre by Madison Oubre;

John White by Matthew Beber; 

Ms. Haase came up with the idea after seeing other schools carry out this custom and wanted to introduce it to Riverside. To avoid ruining the surprise for the teachers, the selections were kept secret until the pep rally. At that time, each teacher received the letter from the students as well as a t-shirt. The teachers also were honored on the field at halftime of the football game.

Graugnard said he selected Mr. Boe to make sure he got a letter.

Coach Bonck said, “It feels fulfilling knowing that every day I come to work I feel appreciated.”

“I feel blessed about it,” said Mrs. Jackson.

“All the letters I read made me cry,” Mrs. Mazzella said.