Trainer Life

Freshman Bailey Epperly recaps her life as a football trainer


Lori Lyons

Football trainer Bailey Epperly.

Bailey Epperly, Contributor

Being a football trainer has been an amazing experience. I grew up watching football at a young age and eventually found a love for it. My dad, brother and cousins have played football their whole life and I always imagined being on the field. I thought being a cheerleader was the closest I could get to the field, but once I came to Riverside Academy I had another option. I became a football trainer. 

As a trainer, I am in charge of making the Gatorade and setting up the water bottles. During half-time, the other trainers and I pass out the water bottles to the players and coaches. A trainer’s job is to make sure the players are staying hydrated during the games when they are off the field. 

When I was growing up, I never missed any of my brother’s football games. Now being near the field as a trainer, I love going to away games and seeing the football team compete. I also enjoy bonding with the other trainers on the long bus rides to the away games. I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a football trainer this year and support the football team at their practices and games.