Hubig’s A Big Deal

Rebel Express staff samples talked-about pies with mixed results



Hard-to-find Hubig’s Pies.

Mason Meyer, Contributor

For weeks all anyone talked about was the return of Hubig’s Pies, the New Orleans treat that everyone loved until the factory burned down a decade ago. The fried hand-held pies returned to market last month and our parents were excited, our teachers were excited, and just about everyone else.

But us kids had no idea about what the excitement was all about. We had never had one. And they are very hard to find.

On Dec. 1,  the Rebel Express staff was able to get our hands on some thanks to our editor Kallie Bourgeois. She got us two pies, one of each flavor, apple and lemon. We cut them up into bite-sized pieces and shared the bites. Let’s just say, the results were mixed.

Sports editor Noah Trepagnier declared Hubig’s to be “overrated.” Bourgeois agreed.

Podcast coordinator Lee Myers say “it was alright.”

The consensus was that they tasted like a glazed donut with a filling.

As for me, I love them and I see why people see them as “alright,”  yet I see why people love them too.

All our opinions probably won’t help you decide, so if you are lucky enough to find one, try it for yourself.