First Person: Last First Parade

Senior Madison Olezene recaps her first and last Norco Christmas parade

RA Senior Madison Olezene reflects on her first parade.

Ron Jung

RA Senior Madison Olezene reflects on her first parade.

Madison Olezene, Contributor

Marching in my first, and last, Norco Christmas Parade was a sweaty and comforting experience. Before the parade, I knew that the morning would be interesting because I had church, and I had to be in the band hall for 11 a.m. in my bibbers. I brought my uniform to church to save time from going home. After church, I arrived in the band hall at 10:53 and had to quickly change. 

When I got on the bus, I thought to myself that this would be the first and last Christmas parade that I would march in. Mr. Clement said that the seniors can load the bus, me and the seniors hit the doorframe and all went to sit in the back of the bus. When everyone got on the bus, I put in my airpods and looked out the window. Although it was foggy, it matched with the feeling I had felt because time goes by so fast without us knowing, like a motion blur in an action photo. When we got our instruments out of the trailer and lined up for the parade, the sun started coming out and I started sweating underneath my uniform. 

When the parade started, we were in front of the float that Santa was in and we waved at him. We played our first song for the parade, and people were clapping and throwing beads. We were told to watch out for horse poop, and I had to step on a small balloon to prevent other people from stepping on it and hurting themselves. Every time we were called at ease, I asked for a waterfall from the water bottles that the parents were holding for us, and I had to make sure that when we were called to attention. I had to keep an even space and make sure that I didn’t drop any of my music. 

When the parade was over, we had to march back to the buses, and my feet were sore from all the marching and standing. As soon as I put my flute in the trailer, I grabbed some water and went on the bus to take off my marching uniform. It was a sweaty relief taking off the uniform, and comforting to know that I got to march in my first Christmas parade, and then I felt a little sad because it was also my last time marching with the Marching Pride of Riverside and my friends. Although this was my last Christmas parade, it won’t be my last parade that I march in as a senior. Excalibur, here we come!