Playing Chicken

RA middle schooler enjoys unusual pets


Sapphire Scholle visits with one of her 19 pet chickens

Sapphire Scholle, Writer

Anybody can have dogs, cats or bunnies as a pet. But I don’t have those and I don’t have just one. I have pet chickens, and I have 19 in all.

When we first got chickens, I didn’t know we would have 19.  Sugar hatched 6 babies during spring break this year.

  They come up to me when I call them or when they see food in my hands. I don’t give them my food because it is bad for them. One of them even lets me put a leash on her to take a walk. Her name is Boogie. She is cute and funny and fun to play with. 

Some of the others are Sunny, Funny, Sugar, Brownie, and Raven. I also have two roosters, Sunny and Snowy, that fight each other sometimes when I let them both out at the same time. 

My dad gets fussed sometimes by Funny but she is so nice to me. Sometimes Sunny comes into the house and tries to stay before one of us gets him out.

Brownie is mean to me if he thinks I have food in my hands. Funny is the sweetest and will always come to me when I have food in my hands. The chickens want to be let out when my dad comes home with us. When we let both little and big chickens out they will come to me or my sister or my dad. On Sundays when we come home from church I will always go and say hi to them. My dad tells us to make  sure they have food and water. The five roosters will be crowing to let them out and play. My sister wanted to have chickens and my mom wanted them to live outside. 

The three roosters in the little coop sometimes fight. The other girl chickens in the little coop are so fussy when the three roosters fight. 

I love my chickens. They are great pets.