Virtual Frenzy

RA Student shares his opinion on virtual schooling

Virtual Frenzy

Rafael Villarreal Jr., Editor

Riverside Academy students, for the past two weeks, have been virtual for their safety due to a spike in Covid-19.  I am one of those many students. 


Virtual learning, to me, is enjoyable. I get an extra hour of sleep and I have the luxury of wearing my pajamas in class.


School itself is bearable. I am more of an in-person learner and I am not learning as well as if I was in school. I do miss being in certain classes like multimedia and band because the teachers and students bring joy and laughter. Also, because everyone is all in one big call, the internet crashes sometimes. I personally don’t mind, but when I am in a really important class, it can get kind of annoying.  


Although virtual schooling has its benefits it also has its quirks. I believe that next semester is going to be better, but I do believe that we will have more cases due to Christmas reunions.